Moroccan Government creates Monitoring Committee for government projects

The head of the Government Saad Eddine Othmani said Thursday that the Council of Ministers has laid the way for the creation of a new phase in dealing with projects that are planned or approved by the Government or have been launched by the King.

In a press conference after the Cabinet meeting, the Government spokesman, Mustapha K.k, the decision of the Government to set up a Committee that will conduct a full inventory of projects that are signed by the King or are planned or approved by the Government, whether or not in Al Hoceima or elsewhere.

The Committee will focus on deadlines, financing and liability of the Government.

According to K.k stressed the need for visiting the El Othmani projects by members of the Government, rather than relying on periodic reports.

The spokesman also said that the Ministry responsible for human rights, will be involved in the preparation of a new plan to promote human rights, point out that the Council of Ministers has held a thorough discussion about recent events in Al Hoceima.

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