Chaou was tipster of intelligence service AIVD

Said Chaou was arrested last Thursday in Netherlands after an extradition request from Morocco

The wrote yesterday evening that a tipster Chaou was of the Dutch General Intelligence and security service (AIVD). Chaou gave in 2015 a list to the AIVD on which names of Moroccan informants in Netherlands.

The Intelligence Agency has at least one imam according to NRC questioned about his contacts with the Moroccan secret service. Within the AIVD would be doubt about the status of the persons on the list, are not only imams, but also journalists, people who work with the police and volunteers at associations. They shall not be regarded as real "spies", but would with or without their knowledge have been in contact with the Moroccan secret service ever.

Initially refused to extradite Netherlands to Cadiz and demanded warranties, which Morocco the Moroccan Ambassador recalled last Saturday. Meanwhile, the Dutch Government the written guarantee given that Morocco Chaou will be prosecuted only for drug trafficking. Netherlands Morocco here explicitly to asked and wanted written assurances before the whole process. Chaou reportedly also according to the Moroccan authorities the protests in the rif region co-financing. Cadiz is the founder of the ' 18 september movement ' that fight for the independence of the Rif.

Morocco recalled its Ambassador from one day before Netherlands (last Friday), threatened to reveal new information Chaou via Facebook. That would be about the involvement of senior Moroccans in the murder of five young people in the Rif region was devoted. Morocco was evidently not impressed here and put their extradition request just by and called a day later the Moroccan Ambassador back.

A spokesman for the AIVD does not want to respond in substance. Also, through its lawyers that she did not have any response Chaou has to want to give up on the case.

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