Lekjaa: ' El H within weeks, Moroccan-international '

After Ziyech and Renard back to each other to have brought, Federal President Lekjaa now on the dossier Easton.

Hakim Ziyech is again available for the Moroccan national team, this one did easier than thought yesterday during a informal conversation between the two main characters in the long lingering question. What exactly is and what reproach said there have been done over and over again is not known. It is clear that the famous midfielder once again for the national team, also under the coach that he initially decided to shun.

Another much-discussed subject in the Moroccan football news last period is the status of FC Barcelona forward Munir El H. This would, so is officially disclosed by Federal President Lekjaa, his international career yet prefer to play on behalf of Morocco. That the case still is delayed currently has to do with administrative reasons.

Lekjaa let opposite Mars Radio the following:

By its single action for La Roja carries the 21-year-old Easton the status of Spanish A-international, in order to get the switch request to the FIFA approved also serve some documents of the Spanish Football Federation to be added to the file.

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