Scandal in Fez: serial rape of young girls by their primary school teacher

The city of Fez is still in shock after revealing last Wednesday of a series of rapes of girls aged from 6 to 7 years in their primary school.

Beniyad, the Chairman of the Chorfa ' Glimmer of Hope ' Association that this dossier follows, explains that she has received the families of seven girls after the discovery of the rape, allegedly by the same teacher. The girls were all on the same elementary school and are between 6 and 7 years old.

Their parents realized the rapes after one of the girls was subject to a medical exam at a clinic in the city after an infection in her private parts. The investigation showed that the girl was raped, which alerted the parents of the other girls and then they discovered that other girls had undergone the same fate.

The president of the Association adds that the first victim her teacher immediately accused of her rape and that of her classmates during the month of Ramadan. The same source points out that the public prosecutor is enabled directly investigations. The families of the victims have handed over all medical evidence prove that the rapes, reports Lefr360.