Jandino and N leave the Cockpit laughing

After months of preparations was Saturday evening.

Comedians Jandino Abderrazak and Najib Amhali performed together on in football stadium De Kuip in the first edition of Comedy & Concert. It was according to the Organization the largest comedysshow ever in Netherlands. In total, 40,000 visitors at the event.

In addition to the jokes of Jandino and N the public could also enjoy other acts. The three-hour show also included performances by, among others, brotherly love, Trijntje Oosterhuis, Jan Smit and Gerard Joling.

Advance Jandino found it quite exciting, he gave Friday in an interview with the AD. "Look, in the theatre you can still unblock if it were not so. And if 700 people not have had such a great night, then falls to overlook. But at 11,000 or 40,000 is the impact greater. On the other hand: if it succeeds, it is also very fat ", told the 36-year-old comedian.

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