Tangier: 26 Moroccan Marines died by accident after surgery forest fire Mediouna (video)

A sad event took place last night in the neighborhood of Tangier.

It is your fixed not unaware that there was recently a violent fire raged in the forest area Mediouna, something beyond Tangier. Where the Spaniards also aided in putting out the fire, showed no less than 26 Moroccan Marines who were ripped out for this life. They met last night to life after a traffic accident not far from Tangier. Exactly how the accident has taken place is as yet not yet known, most likely would be the driver of the army truck power over the handlebars are lost.

The fire which is now back under control has hefty damage. According to early sources, no less than 10 hectares of forest area have been swept away by the natural violence. How the fire could arise is also currently still being investigated.

[video = youtube; onbJHvDQv6g] https://www.youtube.com/watch? v = onbJHvDQv6g [/video]


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