6 months in jail for ' son of parliamentarian ' drunken state caused in traffic accident

The son of the parliamentarian in the middle of ramadan caused a traffic accident while under the influence of drink and drugs.

Al Akhbar reports this weekend that the young man is sentenced to six months in prison. He was sentenced by the Court in Rabat for driving under the influence and possession of drugs. There are no victims during the accident.

The young man drove against the metal fences on Boulevard Hassan II in Rabat, while he was on his way to his home. He was in the company of 2 young ladies and under the influence of drink and drugs. It was also found drugs in his car, which he confessed that this were his. The 2 young ladies were allowed to wait the process at large, what the ruling for them is unknown.

The young man sat the past 3 weeks in custody, despite attempts by his mother (member of Parliament for the USFP), through influential connections to set him at liberty.

To clarify, this is not about the which a video went viral earlier this year.

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