Spanish Minister thanks Moroccan intelligence services

Through the intervention of the Moroccan authorities there are world-wide, and in particular in Spain, many terrorist cells dismantled and foiled attacks.

Last Friday brought the Spanish Interior Minister, Juan Ignacio Zoido, a working visit to Morocco. Especially in the area of security, there is a close cooperation between the two countries, a fact which also Zoido stressed after his visit.

Apply the Moroccan intelligence services worldwide as one of the most effective, as endorsed also the Spanish Minister. Through the cooperation with the Moroccan colleagues one could save hundreds of terror suspects in chains over the last few years.

Opposite the Spanish medium EFE says the beleidsman the following: "just the past period, the US managed to arrest terror suspects and potentially dangerous 178 10 complete terror cells."

Salient detail is that over 50% of the arrested terror suspects persons with a Moroccan nationality.