Moroccan army command FAR expands number of combat helicopters in 2018 from

This extension will serve as support for the existing fleet to Moroccan naval ships.

On a Moroccan website that uses itself with everything that has to do with the national defense device is to read that a number of combat helicopters will be purchased. These are going to serve as defensive stock for the Moroccan fleet to naval ships.

Entirely coincidentally is also the Algerian army itself, with a number of submarines.

In Morocco, we don't yet have or there by an American or European army manufacturer is going to be taken away.

If there is an extension of the equipment, it will deal a foregone conclusion and until the following calendar year. The Moroccan medium Le360 brought out earlier that an agreement had been reached with a Russian party about purchasing a submarine for the Moroccan fleet: the Amur 1650, a 4th generation submarine.

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