Baby-family among fatalities at fire in ' Grenfell Tower '

With the confirmed death of four members of the Baby-official Moroccan family, the number of victims at the fire on 14 June in the residential tower in London has risen to 11.

The Baby-family, who was missing since the drama, have been officially identified, reports The Times. Leena Baby, the six-month-old baby, took her last breath in the arms of her mother, Farah Hamdan, when she wanted to fire escape. The man, Omar Baby and the oldest daughter, Malak, 8 years old, also died. The only survivor of the family is Tansim, 6 years old.

The body of Omar, the father, will be repatriated to Morocco, while his wife and his two daughters in London will be buried. "Thus, Tansim to the graphs of her mother and her sisters, because they will be brought up by an aunt in England".

The official death toll from the fire in ' Grenfell Tower ' is now officially 80.

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