Car driver deliberately runs over policeman in Rabat (video)

A driver drove today about a police officer in Hassan, Rabat, after a heated argument between the two.

A variety of Moroccan media are reporting that the police officer also was struck by the driver. The driver was his child to school to bringing before he hit in discussion with the police officer. The exact cause of this discussion is unknown to us.

The video lets the driver see while he continues to push against the police officer with his car. There is message that the driver at the end of the video the injuries of the policeman has caused by intentionally to drive over him. You see the car make and speed of the scene pulling away at the end, but that he actually drove over him is on the video out of the picture.

[video = youtube; anPHvAJ4NC8] v = anPHvAJ4NC8 [/video]