Gendarmerie and Coast Guard in Tetouan extract themselves Royal anger on the neck

After the anger of the King on the neck to have met will a Colonel and several officers of the gendarmerie, accused of serious wrongdoing, transferred to the city of Laayoune.

The recent visit of the King to the city of Tetouan was not without consequences for the local gendarmerie, of which several elements were subjected to sanctions, reports the newspaper Al Massae today. Different agents, accused of serious misconduct during the passing of the King by the city, will be transferred to Layoune Saniat Ramel in Tetouan from the airport and board a military aircraft.

The newspaper Al Akhbar specifies that a Colonel and several officers of the gendarmerie currently in M Diq waiting on the regulatory sanctions.

The newspaper also said that the coast guard was accused of negligence, when a citizen who wanted to appeal to the King managed to swim to the King who was practicing on his jet ski.

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