Morocco: In the first half by 2017 is 145 hectares of forest destroyed by fire

A total of 96 fires in the first half by 2017 145 hectares of forest destroyed, according to the High Commission for Water, forestry and combating desertification (HCEFLD).

At the regional level registered the Oriental region (Nador, Taourirt, Berkane, Jerada) 23 burning taking 65 hectares destroyed, followed by the northeastern region (Taounate, Al Hoceima, Guercif, Taza) with 10 burning taking 45 hectares destroyed, medias24 reports.

What should be noted is that these figures not the forest fire last weekend in Mediouna, Tanger, is included. Here this weekend would have been destroyed according to HCEFLD 215 hectares of forest.

The High Commission calls on all citizens and users of forest areas (campers, beekeepers, workers) to "the use of fire during the summer time to avoid and the competent authorities to warn all smoke, fire or other causes that fire can cause ".

Last year, a new National Center for HCEFLD forest climate risk management (CRCF) was established. The mission is the efficiency and effectiveness of inter-partner to improve coordination processes, on the one hand, to monitor real time fire incidents and to provide data and, on the other hand, for surveillance and monitoring, prediction and prevention forest fire response programmes at national level.