Press Conference Ziyech Lekjaa upcoming, Renard and issue included

The head of the Football Federation and the French coach of the Moroccan national football team to the press the chance to obtain information about the current state of play in the League and the national football team.

For the Moroccan Football Federation FRMF we noticed the past period, more than is normally the case, that on important issues there media silence reigned. Very likely this image slightly into perspective a special press conference organized for Sunday, July 16.

Here, the national as well as international press the opportunity to both President Faouzi Lekjaa Hervé Renard as coach to its paces.

One of the issues that will come up is undoubtedly the reconciliation conversation with Hakim Ziyech what took place last Friday in Amsterdam. Lekjaa and Ziyech's were also agent Mustapha Nakhli at present.

press conference