Beni Mellal: seizure of more than 1000 litres of spirits in Zaouiat Cheikh

The police in Zaouiat Cheikh, belonging to the territorial brigade of Beni Mellal, have this week over 1000 litres of spirits seized which was intended for sale.

The discovery took place when a police patrol in Zaouiat Sheikh was warned by a smell of brandy that came from a House. There was an intervention carried out in collaboration with the competent prosecutor which led to the discovery of a repository of illegal liquor. Containers were found with a total of more than 1000 litres of brandy.

Studies have shown that said house belonged to a person with a criminal record who is the subject of multiple arrest warrants issued by the Royal Gendarmerie and the national security service.

There is an investigation to determine who else is involved and to arrest and prosecute every person concerned.

This operation took place two days after the arrest of a trader of spirits that was in possession of 300 liters of brandy in the place Oued Derna, in the municipality of Ouled Yaich. The trader was last Saturday been brought to justice for transporting and trading of brandy, reports news site h24.

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