Large mosquito plague in Fez, measures authorities stay out

The inhabitants of Fes have faced with a true mosquito plague, in vain is there contacted the local authorities. It is feared there especially for the health of the children.

Just as in other cities in Morocco is the mosquito a true sleep abstainer, nevertheless, the situation in Fez outgrown to a true headache for the local authorities. However, effective help from the side of the local government, this to anger of many parents in the city.

According to the Moroccan medium Al Akhbar already speaks of a plague at the local level. The gravity of the situation also seems to have penetrated at the municipality of the city, only the implementation of a solution still leaves.

It's so wait for action from the authorities. This, however, reported on their official Facebook page that there from June 28th to August 7, a special action on motion. Whether one is still working on the preparation or that there is still an appropriate solution must be found, those options are still open.