For Aid el Arch clarity of Commission on course of business development projects in Al Hoceima

Before the end of this calendar month will be created by the King the Commission clarify the reason for the delay of development projects in Al Hoceima.

There is much to do in Morocco, hence also that King Mohammed VI on a serious and effective approach to the problem. The Prince suggested after too long on the development projects were waiting, and the local residents demonstrated for facilities, a Special Commission to investigate why the projects as long as delayed and who are responsible for are.

At the head of this Commission is Zineb El Adaoui, who also is part of the inspection of the Ministry of the Interior.

Akhbar Al Yaoum reported recently that the Moroccan media the same Commission for Aid El Arch will hand over a report to the King concerning the causes, those responsible and the current state of affairs on the development projects in all Hoceima.

The departments that have also been heard in these projects and include the Ministry of transport, education, health, religious affairs, sports and Home Affairs. The places where projects should be/are also subject to a visit and an inspection.

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