Mustapha Lahnachi, one of the most wanted fugitives arrested in Belgian, Netherlands

Lahnachi was already 8 years on the run and was discovered when he had to give his DNA in another case.

Several Belgian news sources reported yesterday evening that the 38-year-old Lahnachi, of Moroccan origin, was arrested yesterday in Rotterdam.

Lahnachi is part of the list of Active gang criminals of the Fugitive Search Team (FAST) of the Belgian federal police.

On Sunday 15 March 2009 Lahnachi with two other prisoners escaped from the prison of Ittre, three guards were taken hostage with knives. Outside the gate of the prison guards were released, but one of the guards was injured. In October of the same year he was sentenced to six years in prison.

Mustapha Lahnachi lived in Netherlands under a false name. He came into the picture when he had to give his DNA in another case.

The two escaped fellow detainees were picked up earlier, Hassan Z immediately in a forest near the prison and Ahmed El Yaagoubi in 2010 in Metz, France. Also this both men were sentenced to six years in prison for their escape attempt and hostage-taking.

Lahnachi will be extradited to Belgium.