Al Hoceima city Governor: ' the withdrawal of security forces has begun '

At a press conference yesterday in Al Hoceima city Governor Face the new Calder stated that the authorities have decided to the presence of the security forces to withdraw from Imzouren and the Mohammed VI square in Al Hoceima.

This operation follows the Royal instructions, said the newly appointed town Governor.

The new Governor is of the opinion that this is a very strong signal, and he hopes that this will be welcomed by the population, reports medias24. Farid Calder also explained that if there is a positive interaction with this initiative, other steps will be taken soon.

"These are actions that seek to create a normal atmosphere, where everyone can exercise their freedoms, and where the State can exercise its power to also install safety", said Calder

According to a resident is contacted by the AFP News Agency, "the police are indeed from the main square in Al Hoceima extracted, there are some in civilian clothes, as well as vehicles that are next to the neighbouring police station as usual parked ".

On social networks have internet users videos shared by security agents who withdraw from the streets amid the applause of the residents.

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