Casablanca: two rival drug gangs blocking entrances mosque in district Moulay Rachid

A violent clash between two rival drug gangs in wijk Moulay Rachid had the result that temporarily the local mosque worshippers could not leave.

After the Fajr-area was in the District of Moulay Rachid violently. Two drug gangs went to blows with each other in a battle for territory, the use of fierce violence with weapons were not openly said. According to the Moroccan media, the Assabah confrontation also some were injured, it is unclear how serious the injuries are and whether there so there is danger.

Whole by the intervention of the local neighborhood residents one could bring to an end the clash. The local residents threw projectiles such as bottles and signs for the gang members to dislodge them.

The District of Moulay Rachid is often rocked by this kind of violent incidents caused by gangs in the criminal circuit. Is unknown or arrests could be after the disturbance at the mosque.

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