Africa Morocco Tangier Med-Algeciras: ' Link ' reinforces its fleet with a 3rd ferry

The company Africa Morocco Link (AML) reinforces its fleet with a 3rd ferry called ' Aylah ', reported the Spanish media.

This ferry will also offer the Tangier Med-Algeciras line and has a capacity of 120 passengers and 960 cars, AML says on its website.

' Aylah ' is an addition to the two other ships of the company, the ' Star ' (935 passengers), which Morocco last March started with boating, and ' Le Diagoras ', with a capacity of 280 1,135 passengers and cars.

As a reminder, since June 2016 AML is set up in the framework of a partnership between the BMCE Bank Group and the Greek ship owner Attica to the Tanger-Algeciras-link to operate.

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