Moroccan researchers find robot from that venom of Scorpions can remove

Moroccan researchers at the Hassan II University in Casablanca have Ben M'Sik invented a robot in a safe way the poison from Scorpions.

"The extraction of schorpioengif is a very difficult and risky task," said Nadira Mkamel, researcher at the Ben M'sik Hassan II University and quoted by the scientific journal Inverse.

The VES-4 is a lightweight portable robot designed for laboratory and field research.  The researchers succeeded in this robot to make those on the tail of the Scorpion is clamped, and the tail is electrically stimulated, making the Scorpion droplets gif. These can then be collected and safely stored in air tight containers.

Electrical stimulation is not harmful for the Scorpion, says the same source.

The robot can be programmed for different size of scorpions and is controlled with a remote control.