Glory Collision: Party Baby vs. Verhoeven official, exact date follows

The party where many kickboksliefhebber has been waiting for is upcoming, recently made the news the world Organizer Glory.

The famous Moroccan kickboxer yesterday gave Jamal Baby in a special with Metro news to know nothing more to like than opposite Rico Verhoeven in the ring. Earlier this year, the 28-year-old Dutch world champion live in the ring called by Ben S. Now there is finally a Yes-Word of the Organization, however, the exact details of the party yet to be established.

It is not the first time that the 2 fighters bosses meet. Beat Baby in 2011 during his debut Dale knock-out. Initially one would pick up again in may all the gloves for this pot, however, prevented an injury by the Moroccan this.

This will not be the last showdown with Verhoeven for a Moroccan opponent of format. Badr Hari who is currently coaching during his detention, the Dutchman again in a rematch. Its implementation will still take some time until the beginning of next year.

ben s