PVV, Pegida and NCE argue against Marcouch

Geert Wilders is Wednesday afternoon arrived at the Town Hall in Arnhem, where he along with other PVV MPs demonstrates against the nomination of Ahmed Marcouch as new mayor of the city.

Simon W's action group Pegida and also leader Constant Kusters of the extreme-right Dutch peoples-Union (NVU) are to express their displeasure with sympathizers on site.

"The man who finds that agents should be able to speak Turkish or Arabic and in favour of headscarves at the police, but finds that the police have nothing PVV MPs. That man is the boss of the police. Outrageous!, "said Wilders.

According to wanted Wilders of Amsterdam Nieuw-West "an Islamic city part" PvdA'er "and is the fan of the islamofascistische Muslim brother al-Qaradawi".

One hundred and fifty to two hundred men gather around is public, but it is not clear how many of those people have come to demonstrate. The police is present and includes dozens of agents. Also, mounted police deployed.