Rabat: Moroccan 12 students awarded trip to NASA space camp in USA

The U.S. Embassy in Rabat chose this 12 students out for the special journey that them to the NASA space camp in the United States.

An experience that will stay with them always, 12 students from Morocco that experience. All this is partly made possible by their exceptional performance in the fields of chemistry, physics and engineering. The deciding factor for the selection of these students was the fact that they came with the most compelling video.

The task was to put in a 3 minute video to describe a complex scientific issue. Candidates could submit their entries from all over Morocco, members of the American Embassy and a Moroccan overarching science organization reviewed the quality.

After the sleeve to be rolled out as the winner awaits them a weeklong trip that will lead them to the United States to participate in the NASA space camp in Huntsville, Alabama, for interactive educational experience and simulated training on board a NASA space ship. The students will also travel to Washington DC for a cultural tour to museums and to visit the White House.