Action Group calls on Moroccan premier on hold to GMT time

The Group wants to hand a petition to call a halt to the change back and forth by the Government of the time.

A group of activists calls Prime Minister Saad-Eddine El Othmani on to in future just the GMT time to hold in Morocco. With some possible consequences of this repeatedly changing the time in hand, the Group hopes to achieve this desire.

Thus, in the petition, which on the Avaaz website, to read that the modified time some health symptoms as lethargy, anxiety disorders and to a lesser extent a daily rhythm can cause corruption.

Would the risk of accidents in the workplace would increase by 8%, with a significantly higher risk of heart attacks by 25%, thus the petition.

Also student and school-age students can but difficult to get used to the new time format. This would logically according to the Group at the expense of their performance and school results.