Belgium detects terror suspect

The Belgian justice is looking for at least one member of the terreurcel of which Wednesday two members was arrested. The Federal parquet Please note that any terror plans accelerated.

The police picked up Wednesday in the Brussels municipality of Anderlecht the brothers Akim and Khalid s. 37 and 40 years on. These Belgians are suspected of participation in a terrorist organization.

In a lock-up garage, Kalashnikovs, a riotgun, small arms. bullet-proof vests, a flashing light, uniforms and fuzes found. The terrreurcel would have advanced plans for an attack, but there was probably an exact date yet. A 42-year-old suspect was picked up in France.

The two are brothers of Saïd s., a member of the motorcycle gang Kamikaze Riders that in October to 6 years in prison was convicted of terrorism.

The perpetrators of the attack of March last year in Brussels accelerated their action after cronies were arrested. "We now can also not exclude that risk," according to a parquet spokesman.

terror suspect