EU Parliament want off of Turkish accession

The EU should stop the negotiations with Turkey on accession as the country further drifting of European democratic values. That call did a large majority of the European Parliament (477 for, 97 against and 64 abstentions) Thursday in Strasbourg.

If Ankara planned constitutional changes to give more power to president Erdogan post unchanged, it's time to end the candidacy, Parliament. The hundreds of millions that Turkey gets annually to prepare for accession, would then have to be paid to the Turks who do believe in European values, said MEP and Turkey-rapporteur Kati Piri (PvdA).

The rule of law and press freedom in Turkey are under heavy fire since the attempted coup of last year and the subsequent State of emergency. Thousands of critics of the regime are locked or fired. Parliament would like to continue to work together, for example by extending the Customs Union with Turkey.

Although the calls for a while in an idle state, de facto, the European Commission and the EU Member States, the negotiations have not yet officially stop. PIRI States that EU leaders Erdogans authoritarian behavior feed by not powerful to speak out against his policies. Her fellow Fund finds that they "keep quiet about the big problems".

Of MEP Esther de Lange (CDA) may be discontinued the negotiations directly. She performs as a reason that Turkey "Christians seems to systematically bullying with confiscation of churches ''.