, 19 years, a month long chained and tortured by fiance in Casablanca (videos)

A 19-year-old Moroccan woman, originally from the city of Sidi Kacem, was captured, chained, raped, tortured and starved by her fiance for a whole month in Casablanca.

, A 19-year-old young woman from Sidi Kacem, became after Ramadan in a terrible state found in her fiance's apartment in the District of Hassan Hadi in Casablanca.

Nagaraj was kidnapped and held captive during the entire month of Ramadan, subjected to the most gruesome forms of violence and torture. Raped, burned, starved and beaten, the young woman can barely hold her tears: "I can not move," she said in a heartbreaking video.

Short sentences is all T unit with difficulty can say: "I lived in terror for a month, day and night [...] torture and rape and no one to save me. "

Tatenda told Hespress that her now ex-fiance her not only physically battered, but also raped her daily. ' He has not fasted. He raped me every day, "she said struggling against her tears.

While they are in neglected state in her hospital bed and her traumatized body cannot rest, told that they do not care to Ree Hespress got from the doctors at the hospital in Hay Hassani. The young woman, who by her sadistic ex-fiance for his mother's eyes was tortured, could hardly eat or sleep. She spent her days crying and weeping in pain.

' A whole month of torture. He pressed cigarettes from all over my body, including my private parts, and he coasted my head bald and pressed the cigarettes in my scalp. He carried me to the bathroom as I bled and interspersed salt on my wounds so I felt excruciating pain, "says the young woman.

REE managed to after a hellish month to flee. She screamed for help from a window that her former fiance accidentally forgot to lock before he went out. The neighbors could hear her faint call for help and the local authorities immediately switched in.

With a court order in their hands the police officers went to the scene and broke open the front door on the fourth floor of a building in the Lissasfa neighborhood. They found Nagaraj chained and in poor health.

With a shaved head, burned scalp, a broken arm and her body bruised and swollen everywhere, the young woman was immediately transferred to the emergency room of the Hay Hassani hospital. The ex-fiance was shortly thereafter arrested when he returned home and the neighbors circled him and handed him to the police.

The 30-year-old ex-fiancé, who was described as an "introvert" but "normal-looking" individual lived with his mother in the apartment that she owned. A week before the start of the month of Ramadan he asked T unit to go along to Casablanca to meet his mother.

Once arrested, confessed to the ex-fiance that he Nouhaila's family members has asked for ransom, which he threatened to kidnap them their second daughter if they would submit a complaint to the police. Tatenda explained that fear about the safety of her younger sister was the main reason why she has not before considered escape.

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