' Marhaba ' 2017:425,000 Moroccans arrived via transit points

Since the launch of the operation ' Marhaba ' 2017, more than 425,000 Moroccans residing abroad arrived in Morocco through the various transit points, said Abdelkrim Benatiq, the Minister responsible for Moroccans who in the outdoor country.

Speaking in the House of representatives Benatiq emphasized that since the inception of this operation on June 5, more than 40,000 vehicles are Morocco, in addition to the mobilization of 27 ships with a capacity of 40,000 passengers and 15,000 cars.

The Minister added in this connection that the Mohammed V Foundation for Solidarity 140 122 doctors, paramedics and 47 ambulances.

The reception operation ' Marhaba ' 2017 will continue until 15 september, reports medias24.