Morocco goes maritime zone at height of the Moroccan Sahara

The Moroccan Government announced yesterday that they have adopted a Bill to Morocco's maritime zones and territorial waters to the height of the Moroccan Sahara and the Canary Islands.

"This is a sovereign act that is fully in line with international legislation", said the spokesman of the Government, Mustapha Regina, yesterday at a press statement.

This law has a strategic, political and diplomatic value. Among other things, the allegations would like to conclude that Morocco does not have the right of sovereignty over its territorial waters in this region enjoy of the Kingdom and show that Morocco is indeed to think her sovereignty at sea.

This law was dictated by the need to comply with international legislation on maritime waters. "It also aims to limit areas for better control of the ship traffic, national security and environmental protection," said the spokesman of the Government

The how and when of this plan is still open for the time being.

The Polisario has right after this press statement responded and which are soft said not very very happy. They say that this is an attack and seizure of Morocco is of this maritime area, reports Lefr360.