Life sentence for two Moroccan soldiers accused of treason

Two Moroccan soldiers accused of urging soldiers and citizens to join the separatist Polisario front at the military base in the Bir Gandouz-region are brought to justice.

The news medium Assabah announced that a sergeant and a sergeant first class have gotten a life sentence imposed by the military tribunal in Rabat.

The two men were arrested four months ago by the military police after conducting interviews and sharing posts on social media. The police then launched an investigation, which prove that the soldiers exchanged information with Polisario were members.

Article 205 of the military criminal justice book, which has been introduced in July 2015, says that "everyone whose military tribunal (after investigation) provides that the person is involved in incitement and recruitment of soldiers or similar (citizens) in favor of the enemy, an organization, rebel group is punished with life imprisonment. "

polisario soldiers