Morocco's largest daredevil hangs this time to tap in Salé (video)

The now well-known daredevil Khalid Tenni has shared a new video in which he again this time to a huge red faucet hangs and the handstand does on the edge.

Together with a friend has a 93 metre high crane climbed to Tenni there know what tricks to show off life-threatening.

Khalid Tenni is fond of extreme sports and fitness. A sports school subscription will never take this Moroccan. He chooses there mostly for the streets and roofs in Rabat as his city gym to use and this results in staggering images. There are now even though videos appeared from other places in Morocco, as in Tangier and this time in Salé.

This video is not suitable to look like you are suffering from Vertigo!

[video = youtube; yAFjMuig-GQ] v = yAFjMuig-GQ [/video]

khalid tenni