48.6% of poisoning deaths in pesticides responsible for Morocco

Pesticides are responsible for 48.6% of all the reported poisoning deaths in Morocco in 2016.

This reports the most recent General report of the ' Poison Control and Pharmacovigilance Center ' (CAPM) that yesterday has been released.

"Departments of the Ministry of health are often confronted with cases of pesticides poisoning as a result of the free access of the population to pesticides. This can be dangerous if not in use according to the regulations, such as by children or suicide ", the Director of the CAPM, Rachida Soulaymani Baby, to the Moroccan news agency MAP.

There is a lot of abuse of pesticides that are easily available in the weekly markets or wholesalers, reports medias24. This facilitates the access of the population to these products that also for domestic use, in particular for the control of insects or rodents, be used.

The statistics of the CAPM 2000 cases per year on average to show of pesticides poisoning, of which 3% to 4% a fatal outcome. This figure is "only indicative" since there are many cases that are not reported.