Spotlight: situation Nouri stable, private heart rate but to rescue breathing (video)

Today the football world in Netherlands for a moment when heart problems Abdelhak Nouri played tricks.

It was equally scare for those who live meekeken during the exhibition game Ajax-Werder Bremen. Immediately after the incident took place it became clear that it was not an injury, heart problems forced top talent Abdelhak Nouri to the ground. The severity of the case became clear when it was announced that a there is a trauma helicopter had to come to pass. Ajax communicated through official channels that there would be cardiac arrhythmias, in stable conditions, the 20-year-old playmaker transferred by helicopter to the hospital.

Less than an hour ago shared Ajax the following via Twitter:

Let us hope that Nouri quickly makes good and this incident is going to have no major influence on its further still fledgling career Incha'Allah!

[video = youtube; YhBQ_sptxho] v = YhBQ_sptxho [/video]

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