Noteworthy: Lekjaa allows medical staff Moroccan bond available for Nouri

The Federal President in a press release the case closely and expresses his sympathy.

Not only in Netherlands but also in Morocco is one very committed to health of Ajax midfielder Abdelhak Nouri. In a press release on the website of the Moroccan Federation FRMF is to read that President Faouzi Lekjaa the health situation of the 20-year-old junior team-international regrets, in addition the preses a very remarkable gesture towards the player. Noteworthy as Nouri at the time, in business terms, nothing to do with the Moroccan Federation.

In the communiqué is to read that he was the medical doctor of the bond, Isaac Hifti, the health status of Nouri on the foot let follow and if necessary also the medical facilities of Morocco. It therefore seems unlikely that there will be a party that has to do with Nouri, which, beginning on this contribution by the FRMF.

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