Update: Nouri's situation is very stable now, need less medication

The Locals said that the situation of the player not deteriorated, there is talk of a very stable status.

Just left Ajax through official channels know that the exhibition game against Rijnsburgse Boys cancelled. The Group of players would consider itself unable to play, this has everything to do with the situation around Nouri.

To give a further update on the State of health of the midfielder. To read: "Sunday evening around 19.00 hours Nouri's situation was very stable. After a relatively good night and day did he need less medication. The midfielder is still asleep held in Intensive Care. Until Monday evening, no updates from Austria expected. "

As a reminder, the 20-year-old Nouri collapsed yesterday afternoon during the exhibition game with Werder Bremen collapse due to cardiac arrhythmias. On the field I managed to resuscitate the medici the top talent. A trauma helicopter he was transferred to the Hospital where he is treated in sleep further.