500 euro fee after Miss classes photo because this coincided with feast of sacrifice

A school in the Hague, the mother of two students pay compensation because the kids making the school pictures have missed.

The right be the woman 500 euro. The children were missing making the school pictures because that coincided with the celebration of the Islamic Festival of sacrifice.

The children get the benefit because their school according to the Court of first instance has made a distinction between pupils and that should not according to the law on equal treatment. The woman had demanded compensation of 10,000 euro, but that the Court went too far, the children had suffered from, according to the mother that they were not on the class picture, and would therefore have a right to compensation.

The school has said that to the pupils an alternative is provided and that the school photographer at a later date is returned to the school to the remaining students in the picture. For making classes photos, this was too late and that explains according to the Court the compensation.