Casablanca: amputeert wife the sex organ of her beloved

To avenge her unfaithful lover, a young woman not hesitated to the sex organ of her beloved to amputate.

The newspaper 32-year-old woman the sex organ of her 29-year-old beloved amputeerde after they discovered that these strange went with her best friend.

The young woman had a relationship with the young man for three years, during which time he repeatedly promised to marry her. The dramatic incident occurred after the woman recently had found that her beloved cheated on her.

"They then decided a large part of his sex organ to cut off," reports Al Akhbar. The man, who "lost a lot of blood as a result of the aggression", was evacuated to the emergency room where a medical team eventually his sexual organ could reconfirm again.

The jealous wife was quickly arrested by the Royal gendarmerie, on the outskirts of Mediouna near Casablanca, where they lived at her beloved, adds the newspaper.

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