Morocco Desert Challenge 2017 (video)

In april of this year, in the first edition of the Agadir Morocco Desert Challenge, formerly known as the Libya Rally.

With almost 500 participants from 22 countries, and seven spectacular stages this rally of Belgian soil has become one of the world's largest, after Le Dakar and the Silk Way.

We were there during the Morocco Desert Challenge 2017 3 tv programs broadcast in no fewer than 34 countries.

The Dutch version was broadcasted on RTL7 (NL) and Sport 40 (B). For those who like to see and has missed it, here are the episodes in the Dutch.

[video = youtube; _7KF7d3tcuw] v = _7KF7d3tcuw [/video]

[video = youtube; 4FtL2SqTd6U] v = 4FtL2SqTd6U [/video]

[video = youtube; BX_y0NgxPSc] v = BX_y0NgxPSc [/video]

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