Residents of Casablanca complain about high parking costs

The Moroccan tv channel 2 m discussed during a news broadcast the parking costs have caused great indignation at that in Casablanca for the inhabitants of the city.

The images show the dissatisfaction of the inhabitants with regard to the prices for street parking in Casablanca, including areas in Ain Diab and near Morocco Mall.

Speakers in the video complaining about how numerous parking attendants on excessive prices for parking illegally.

According to the report from 2 m are normal parking prices between three and five dirham, but there are several parking attendants that the prices have increased between 10 and 20 dirham, which unjustifiably high prices.

Answer questions about the problem of the parking costs in Casablanca, Samira Razzani, Deputy Board member responsible for car parks, said that a car driver only 3 dirham has to pay for his car on street parking. They gave further that motorcyclists and lorry drivers have to pay 5 dirham dirham 2.

Razziani added that the prices usually at night be doubled.

The report of 2 m is available here:

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