Imprisonment for terrorist crimes cousins

Two cousins (both from 1994) have traveled to Turkey at the end of 2015 to join the armed struggle, have been sentenced to prison terms.

One of them travelled to Syria by and joined really in to the terrorist group Daesh, where he probably still meevecht. The guy got six years in prison in absentia imposed by the District Court in the Hague.

The other cousin returned to Netherlands, for unclear reasons. He was one and a half years in prison, six months probation. The Court finds proved that the man has committed the preparation of terrorist offences. The story of the accused that he only went on holiday to Turkey, believes the judge not.

Thus, the cousin before he returned to Turkey left tickets booked, included a lot of money and a farewell message on his phone. In that post was that he wanted to go do with a training camp and wanted to become a martyr on the path of God. It is also shown that according to the Court this cousin wanted to go to the battle area to join Daesh. Thus he made himself guilty of preparing terrorist acts.

The Court held at the penalties take into account the fact that the man himself decided to return.