DST arrest one of Morocco's largest real estate scammers

The man who settled between Morocco and Spain shuttled, made many people large sums of money from. Especially in the northern part of Morocco he chose his victims.

Mohamed El Kouaz, by the Moroccan medium Ahdath Al Maghribia described as one of Morocco's largest real estate scammers, could be struck recently in Larache in the buoys. The best man allegedly worked together with several other real estate developers, as well as elected officials in the local politics of Tétouan.

By a good cooperation between the DST (Direction de la Surveillance Territoire) and the Moroccan umbrella police organization DGSN in Tetouan one could this research completion.

The prime suspect already in May of the calendar year 2015 would have started with these illegal activities. Some customers came to be left destitute when behind after they had purchased a house or apartment in their experience at an Office in Cabo Negro.

How the man in question has been able to go so long without being disturbed by is not quite right from the article by Ahdath Al Maghribia. Perhaps this question also is part of the ongoing investigation into the suspicious.

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