Moroccan Ministry of transport 1200 promises new speed cameras in 2018

Over the whole country coming calendar year 1200 new speed cameras will be put down.

An official statement by the Moroccan Ministry of transport, public works and transport reports the realisation of no less than 1200 new speed cameras. It is expected that this there in 2018, exact end date is still missing, and also immediately workable. Of this number there are currently 148 already installed and deployed.

This project is part of a much larger intention to the Moroccan road user awareness and thus to increase road safety. It has also immediately for the not too cheapest material chosen, the speed cameras out there now will be on 2 points within a range of 20 to 30 km speeding register. This is to prevent common phenomenon that once one has passed a speed camera he/she yet again further the throttle controller.

Both inside and outside built-up areas are these poles divided. It took years before this policy plan finally came, concrete on the table in previous Moroccan got the cabinets every time either. The sticking point then was the reverse auction.

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