NCTV investigates terror threat's football

The National Coordinator for combating terrorism and security (NCTV) looks at the message that there is threatened with a terrorist attack during the European Football Championship for women.

"We know this post and look forward," said a spokesman for the NCTV. At this time the threat is investigated.

On a chat channel of terrorist group Daesh is a call placed to harming the galgenwaard Stadium in Utrecht on 19 July. Then play the teams of England and Scotland against each other.

An American company that specializes in finding out information about terrorism, the SITE Intelligence Group, signaled the call on the answering service Telegram. The police have the warning of SITE also read and let know the threat seriously. "We're taking appropriate action, '' said a spokesman. About the content he could no longer get rid of.

"We have taken note and are in close contact with the NCTV", says a spokeswoman for the tournament organisation of the European Championships. "The authorities that are competent, analyzing it."

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