Tram network Rabat: extension of 7 km in 2019

The expansion of the tram network in the metropolitan area of Rabat-Salé will amount to a length of 7 km with a total investment of 1.7 billion dirham.

"All efforts are being made to the work of this first extension to complete in 2019, making an additional population of about 300,000 inhabitants can be achieved and we can transport a further 40,000 passengers per day," according to the Director-General Said in an interview published by Za L'Économiste.

According to Za, enlargement will relate to line 2 which is extended to the new hospital in Rabat, Salé and, on the side of the channel Yacoub Al Mansour. The expansion project "is on the right track, and working on different networks (electricity, drinking water, telecommunications) has already started and the official launch of the work on the tram network is expected within a few months, even for the end of this year ".

In March an agreement was concluded for the mobilization of nearly 880 million dirham, as equity by project partners, namely the ministries of economy and Domestic Affairs, the establishment of inter-municipal cooperation Al Assima, the tramway company Rabat-Salé (STRS) and the Agency for the development of the Bouregreg Valley. The rest of the budget will be mobilized in the form of concessional loans.

The tram of Rabat-Salé carries over 110,000 passengers per day, add Said Za finally.

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