Panic after fire on board train between Fez and Marrakech (video)

Yesterday evening about 20:00 hours, and after an alarm signal, stopped the train that connects with Fes Marrakech, between the stations of Mers Sultan and Oasis, due to a fire in the toilet.

"As a security measure were immediately evacuated all the passengers on this train," reported the Moroccan railway company ONCF on their and added that the fire was brought under control to 20:20 hours.

"The passengers of the train were provided and it was made available to another train to continue their journey," said ONCF.

The cause of the fire is still unknown, it is not clear whether this short circuit has come that it was a criminal act.

On the video shows that the fire spread rapidly and there was heavy smoke development. On the video is also to see how people in panic over the edge of the platform (the streets) climbing accompanied by shrieks and screams. The train was too long for the entire platform and the people at the back of this forward had to walk through the train, fortunately not by a part where already fire.

[video = youtube; uvHVRoGFZeY] v = uvHVRoGFZeY [/video]