Attorney Zaher: Video is filmed in Manikandan Zabihi-prison

Zabihi's lawyer reports that the video was part of the medical investigation into allegations of torture.

Mohamed Zaher, one of the lawyers of Zefzafi's, told Zefzafi's that the video of Nasser he undressed Manikandan prison in Casablanca was shot in the.

According to him, the Attorney General of the Court of appeal in Casablanca a medical examination of the prisoner Zabihi requested on the basis of the allegations of violence and torture. This video is created during this medical research. It was meant to the existence or absence of traces of violence on the body of Zabihi to prove. It is the medical examination that the assisting attitude of Zabihi could explain.

How it is possible that this video is leaked is examined by order of the Attorney General of the King, Hassan Matar. The editor of the news website Barlamane, which the video Monday as first published, is today called for questioning. The interrogation will be carried out by the national Brigade of the Judicial Police (BNPJ) in Casablanca.