Wedding couple died in traffic accident near Tetouan

The young bridal couple and two others were killed in this traffic accident, three seriously injured people were transported to the intensive care unit in the provincial hospital in Tangier.

No one could have guessed that the jubilation of the wedding party so fast it would skip in great sorrow. After the bride from the family home was picked up by the groom and they were on their way to the wedding party, they were involved in a terrible traffic accident that took the lives of four people, including that of the bride and groom themselves, Al-Ahdath reported today.

Al Ahdath reported that the tragedy took place in Siwana, 44 km from Tetouan. The wedding procession, composed of different cars from family and friends, was surprised by a truck that came from the opposite direction, while some directors of the wedding procession, which were, by the festive atmosphere in jubilation dangerous hard reason. The hit of the accident was terrible and the havoc was great.

Two people, the truck driver and a woman of the family of the groom, were killed instantly. The bride and groom, whose car was seriously damaged, were seriously injured. Along with three others the wedding couple was transported to the intensive care unit in the provincial hospital in Tangier, where both the bride and the groom a few hours later succumbed to their injuries.

The newspaper stressed that the surrounding area of Siwana is known as "a black spot" relating to traffic accidents. And that this still has not changed despite the multiple call for the construction of a double Road between Tetouan and the entrance to the motorway at Tnine Sidi El Yamani.

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