Nouri is severe and permanent brain damage, great share brain no longer functions

Where we got updates earlier hopeful about the recovery of Nouri, save this news in like a bomb.

Just Ajax communicated through official channels about the results of the neurological (brain) investigation of their contract player Nouri. To read the following: "The diagnosis that it was then, is that a large part of his brain no longer functions and that the chances of recovery of this crucial brain functions zero."

"All this is probably because of too little oxygen supply to the brain. He is medically released for transport. It is expected that Nouri in the short term, to a hospital in Amsterdam will be charged for continuing care. "

Very sad news, the only thing us now rest is the pleas for our brother Abdelhak sequel to keep giving. Football is now an afterthought, not more than that. forget him not in your Dua!

brain damage